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Music has such a potent effect on our emotions. We are here to make you feel good. Our productions are finely crafted to make sure that it stands out well. Enjoy our creations and stay tuned for more.

About Us

Mondosonic Studios offers a range of excellent music services which includes Music Production, Jingles, Sound Recording, Mixing & Mastering, etc. We have an amazing high end equipment specs which includes Avid HD Systems, Antelope Audio, Rupert Neve, SSL, Dangerous Music, Manley Laboratories, Universal Audio, Fractal Audio, Chandler etc. TRONVOX is our exclusive Music Production sector.

Our team assures you the best output with amazing recording and production packages.

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Post Production

Mixing is an Art where the musical elements are balanced and rendered in a way that people can immerse into the song and experience all the emotions in it. We have CLASS A Outboard gears to deliver outstanding song Mixing and Mastering. We also offer Remix Services according to the client requirements.

Join us and just record. We have industry standard Pro-Tools HD equipped systems that can bring you classic recording with uncompromising quality. Let the soul of your voice surround everywhere.

Let our Music tell the story of your Brand. We have got effective tools that could increase your Brand's Significance. A campaign, Web Video or any media, we give you the right music for your creative side.

Hiding your talents? Well we can bring the best out of you. Our creative team can help you to bring your music right into the crowd. We can offer you customised tracks that can suit your needs and sing along in our studio. Finally we will give you a completely polished track that you can use wherever you want to showcase the singer in you.

Welcome Band Guys. This is exclusive for you. Replenish your dream songs within our space. We can make your song into a complete production from scratch. Turn your creative efforts into a successful productions. We can also offer cool merchandise for the complete branding of your band.

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